Erynn & Carl’s 2018 New Years Resolutions, News & Online Lessons

January 6, 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

Carl and I hope you all made some good resolutions and they last as long as you want them to. I like to make mine highly attainable so I’m starting with these:

1. Start the day playing music before I do anything else…even looking at the computer (making coffee is ok)

2. Reading more books (the real ones not on a tablet)

3. Eat more smoked paprika (why not? 🙂

Carl’s resolutions are:

1. Start the day learning something…anything that gets the creative spirit sparked

2. Handwrite more letters (snail mail)

3. Do more creative cooking and eating (they go hand in hand don’t you think?)

We are off to the westcoast to play at the Portland Old-Time Gathering, Olympia & Seattle to play shows with Randal Bays & Family and into BC to see family and play a concert in North Burnaby, BC. We’ll be home for two weeks in Feb then will arrive in Ireland on Valentines. We have concerts, workshops and will get to participate in the first Old-Time Music Gathering So looking forward to all that!

Carl and I are teaching online fiddle, guitar, mando and banjo workshops on Concert The fee is “pay what you want” (You must make a minimum $2 donation on Concert Window to get access to their platform. Tips are appreciated!) and you can communicate with us during these live online workshops by asking questions or making comments in the text box provided. It’s fun, a great deal and you don’t have to leave your house!

Here’s the schedule for our upcoming lessons on

SAT Jan 6th, 2018 – 10:30am EST Erynn Marshall Fiddle Lesson. Tune: a cool version of Eighth of January (with extra parts) by great, late VA fiddler John Ashby.

SAT Jan 6th, 2018 – 1pm EST – Carl Jones Mandolin Workshop. Tune: Pigeon on the Gate

SUN Feb 4, 2018 – 1pm EST – Erynn Marshall Fiddle Workshop. Tune: tba

SUN Feb 4, 2018 – 3:00pm EST – Carl Jones Guitar Workshop. Tune/song: tba

SUN Feb 4, 2018 – 6pm EST – Carl Jones Mandolin Workshop. Tune: tba

SUN Feb 11, 2018 – 1pm EST – Erynn Marshall Fiddle Workshop. Tune: tba

SUN Feb 11, 2018 – 3:30pm EST – Carl Jones Banjo Workshop. Tune/song: tba

Go to to watch and please click the heart beside our name to follow us and hear about our future workshops. Thanks. We also continue to give private lessons (in-person or Skype) for $50 hr. Contact us at if interested on getting on our lesson email list (we send out a message about when we’re available to do these once a month). Just take a lesson when you like. No schedule is required.

Our Holiday Sales on our website has been extended through Jan 6 “Old Christmas.”

Thanks for your support everyone and we hope you and yours have a bright, happy, and musical New Year!

Sincerely, Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones

Our Annual Christmas Sale is here!

December 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

We are having a Christmas Holiday Sale at Dittyville!

For the month of December Carl and I have all our CDs on sale for only $13 ($2 off) including the new Galax Bogtrotters CD, our instructional DVDs are $18 ($7 off), shirts $15 ($5 off) and any order over $20 you get a free, handmade fiddle tree ornament (that Erynn will make in the pottery studio). Carl and I also have lesson gift certificates that we can mail to you. We teach Skype or in-person lessons and interested folks should drop us a line at if they’d like to be on our lesson email list for our teaching updates. Treat the musical loved ones in your life to more music this holiday Visit the store on this site to see the sale and thanks for supporting traditional music and the artists mho make their living playing it this festive season.

Also for the first time – we are giving a three week series of Online Fiddle/Mando/Guitar Workshops – Dec 9th, Dec 30th and Jan 6th. Visit to learn how to participate!

Happy Holidays everyone and a Happy, Musical New Year too!

cheers, Erynn and Carl

Fall is in the Air!

August 25, 2017

Erynn & Carl’s news August 25, 2017

Dear friends,

Apples are on the old tree in our yard and this morning there was a chill in the air. Carl saw some leaves drifting to the ground. Could it be summer is drawing to a close already! The summer season full of festivals, music camps, jams, travels and campsites just goes by too fast. It’s Laurel Bloomery time this weekend (a lovely music gathering) but we needed time at home more than anything else just now. We’ve been weeding the garden, putting in seeds for a fall crop of veggies and dreaming of which places we will go the coming year, music we get to play, friends we get to see…. We will be going to Happy Valley (NC), Hoppin’ John Fest (NC) this fall and maybe Blackpot (LA) too so hope to see you there!

Thank you to all the music camps who hired us this summer and the wonderful students that took our classes. We had a stellar time at Swannanoa Old-Time Week (NC), Blue Ridge Music Week (NC), Kaufman Acoustic Kamp (TN), Ashokan Southern Week (NY), Fiddleworks! (BC), SAMW (NH), John C Campbell Folk School (NC), Breakin’ Up Winter (TN) and Cowan Creek Mountain Music School (KY)! We often think the kind, compassionate, creative, fun folks who come to music camps for their holidays to enrich their music and lives are the best people on the earth. It’s inspiring to be in these instant musical communities even for their short duration. This really helped us have a good feeling towards humanity during these trying political and divisive times. We need the arts and to bond together as a community more now than ever.

Also we are grateful for an amazing 3 week tour to Australia with the Galax Bogtrotters (Eddie & Bonnie Bond, Eric Hill, Carl and myself). We released our new CD: The Galax Bogtrotters “Old-Time Jubilations” at the National Folk Festival in Canberra to very receptive crowds. We all think the world of and thank banjo player/engineer Ian Alexander and tour mastermind/sweetheart Linda de Cieri who were the most gracious and kind hosts…taking us literally all over the country, introducing us to everyone, sharing their time and energy. The band had great jams with old-time musicians everywhere and the animals and birds were astounding. The band missed out on seeing any wombats so must go back soon. Our favorite part? The beaches in western Australia (Perth) and the wonderful new, musical friends we made there.

Following that Carl and I spent two extraordinary weeks in China with musical friends Chris Hawke and Kirk Kenney. Thanks guys!! The four of us played 8 concert/squaredances near Dali and in Beijing (Chris can call dances in Chinese you see). We played the American Embassy and the Beijing Conservatory as part of a Silk Road Conference. People in China were so kind to us and the landscape was stunning. Food was delicious from veggie dumplings, “ba-ba” buns baked on grills on the street, all the fresh made noodle dishes, along with beautiful tea ceremonies of the finest green, black and red teas! It’s hard not to get hungry thinking about it. There were people making traditional indigo dyes, cooking with roses, Chinese moonshine and more. A couple highlights included staying at the Linden Center and playing music in the garlic fields for the villagers harvesting garlic. Traveling is the most amazing part of being a musician!


Coming up next? Carl and I are enjoying being at home again, learning new tunes, gardening and cooking up a storm. One misses domesticity on the road. Erynn is working on a book of original fiddle tunes with banjo tab and an accompanying CD with recordings of the tunes. Carl has plans to make an old-time mandolin instructional book. We already know in 2018 we will be at Swannanoa, Midwest Banjo Camp, Kaufman Kamp, and John C Campbell Winter Dance Week – all great camps!! We are planning a trip to the UK and will be on the westcoast this January (Portland Gathering to BC –woot!). Erynn has also been digitizing footage of fiddlers Art Stamper and Melvin Wine whom she visited a bunch 13+ years ago so sign up to follow our YouTube channel dittyville so you see the new footage as it gets posted. Some of it is very special.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Have a Nice Fall Y’all!

Sincerely, Erynn and Carl

New Release: Greasy Creek CD by Erynn Marshall & Friends is here!

July 1, 2016


Happy Canada Day / July 4th Independence Day weekend. I can hear fireworks going off as I write this! Gratitude to all the service men and women who work to protect our freedoms. Here’s to world peace!

I’m excited because this week my new Greasy Creek CDs just arrived! The official release date is tomorrow: July 1, 2016. Woot!

Greasy Creek CD Cover

The new album features a selection of original tunes I have written over the last ten years. I play the fiddle and stellar musicians join me: Carl Jones, Bob Carlin, Adam Hurt, Beth Hartness, Eddie Bond, Joe Dejarnette, Phill Woddail, Kyle-Dean Smith and Snake Smith. Jade They from England did the fine woodcut art and Debbie Adams from Canada did the awesome graphic design including the cool liner notes poster (my first centerfold lol!). The CD is available here, Bandcamp, Elderly, CD Baby and soon other great stores that carry old-time music. I hope you’ll pick up a copy because I’m really happy with how the music turned out and would love for you to hear it. The tunes may be new but the settings are very traditional. Everybody did a great job pickin’ on Greasy Creek. So hope you’ll give it a listen and enjoy getting “greasy” with the rest of us. p.s. Greasy Creek is a lovely place near Floyd, Virginia.

Have a great summer everybody and thanks for listening!

Warmly, Erynn

Erynn Marshall - Greasy Creek