Fall is in the Air!

August 25, 2017

Erynn & Carl’s news August 25, 2017

Dear friends,

Apples are on the old tree in our yard and this morning there was a chill in the air. Carl saw some leaves drifting to the ground. Could it be summer is drawing to a close already! The summer season full of festivals, music camps, jams, travels and campsites just goes by too fast. It’s Laurel Bloomery time this weekend (a lovely music gathering) but we needed time at home more than anything else just now. We’ve been weeding the garden, putting in seeds for a fall crop of veggies and dreaming of which places we will go the coming year, music we get to play, friends we get to see…. We will be going to Happy Valley (NC), Hoppin’ John Fest (NC) this fall and maybe Blackpot (LA) too so hope to see you there!

Thank you to all the music camps who hired us this summer and the wonderful students that took our classes. We had a stellar time at Swannanoa Old-Time Week (NC), Blue Ridge Music Week (NC), Kaufman Acoustic Kamp (TN), Ashokan Southern Week (NY), Fiddleworks! (BC), SAMW (NH), John C Campbell Folk School (NC), Breakin’ Up Winter (TN) and Cowan Creek Mountain Music School (KY)! We often think the kind, compassionate, creative, fun folks who come to music camps for their holidays to enrich their music and lives are the best people on the earth. It’s inspiring to be in these instant musical communities even for their short duration. This really helped us have a good feeling towards humanity during these trying political and divisive times. We need the arts and to bond together as a community more now than ever.

Also we are grateful for an amazing 3 week tour to Australia with the Galax Bogtrotters (Eddie & Bonnie Bond, Eric Hill, Carl and myself). We released our new CD: The Galax Bogtrotters “Old-Time Jubilations” at the National Folk Festival in Canberra to very receptive crowds. We all think the world of and thank banjo player/engineer Ian Alexander and tour mastermind/sweetheart Linda de Cieri who were the most gracious and kind hosts…taking us literally all over the country, introducing us to everyone, sharing their time and energy. The band had great jams with old-time musicians everywhere and the animals and birds were astounding. The band missed out on seeing any wombats so must go back soon. Our favorite part? The beaches in western Australia (Perth) and the wonderful new, musical friends we made there.

Following that Carl and I spent two extraordinary weeks in China with musical friends Chris Hawke and Kirk Kenney. Thanks guys!! The four of us played 8 concert/squaredances near Dali and in Beijing (Chris can call dances in Chinese you see). We played the American Embassy and the Beijing Conservatory as part of a Silk Road Conference. People in China were so kind to us and the landscape was stunning. Food was delicious from veggie dumplings, “ba-ba” buns baked on grills on the street, all the fresh made noodle dishes, along with beautiful tea ceremonies of the finest green, black and red teas! It’s hard not to get hungry thinking about it. There were people making traditional indigo dyes, cooking with roses, Chinese moonshine and more. A couple highlights included staying at the Linden Center and playing music in the garlic fields for the villagers harvesting garlic. Traveling is the most amazing part of being a musician!


Coming up next? Carl and I are enjoying being at home again, learning new tunes, gardening and cooking up a storm. One misses domesticity on the road. Erynn is working on a book of original fiddle tunes with banjo tab and an accompanying CD with recordings of the tunes. Carl has plans to make an old-time mandolin instructional book. We already know in 2018 we will be at Swannanoa, Midwest Banjo Camp, Kaufman Kamp, and John C Campbell Winter Dance Week – all great camps!! We are planning a trip to the UK and will be on the westcoast this January (Portland Gathering to BC –woot!). Erynn has also been digitizing footage of fiddlers Art Stamper and Melvin Wine whom she visited a bunch 13+ years ago so sign up to follow our YouTube channel dittyville so you see the new footage as it gets posted. Some of it is very special.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Have a Nice Fall Y’all!

Sincerely, Erynn and Carl

A new year begins

January 20, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

2017 started off pretty bustling for us. We started the year recording a new album with the Galax Bogtrotters Stringband (Eddie Bond, Bonnie Bond, Eric Hill, Carl and myself). We’re proud of how the new CD “Old-Time Jubilations” sounds and think you’ll like it too. We’re mixing and mastering this month and the we’ll release the recording in early March.

Carl and I just returned from teaching fiddle at the inspiring John C Campbell Folk School. We were surrounded by music and other arts. Everyday you met blacksmiths, wood turners, rug makers, potters, and others. There were nightly jams and what a beautiful part of the world Brasstown, NC. One highlight was when our fiddle class invaded the kitchens and French cooking class. They rewarded us with a pile of brioche buns and a mint/dark chocolate ganash torte! We liked it so much we’re going back in February for a week for fun.

The Galax Bogtrotters have a big adventure in store coming up. We are headed to Australia on tour and will play the National Folk Festival and other events. Five weeks in the sunny down under. Can’t wait! Then Carl and I are headed to China where we will play for an old-time squaredance! Bust-down!

I’ve been composing tunes this winter and have four new ones: Rosalie,  Bull Run Creek, Elizabeth’s Waltz and John Farrer’s March. You can hear two of my new tunes on the upcoming CD: Oak Ridge Waltz and Bull Run Creek.

Music Camps we’ve be at this coming year include: Swannanoa Old-Time Week (NC), SAMW (Summer Acoustic Music Week – MA), Kaufman Acoustic Kamp, Blue Ridge Music Week (Mars Hill, NC), Saltspring Island Fiddle Works, and Cowan Creek Mountain Music School. We hope to see you at those or a festival when the weather warms up.

All the best to you in 2017. May you and yours have health, peace and music!

Best, Erynn and Carl

Galax Bogtrotters 1 lr_credit Susi Lawson

The Galax Bogtrotters 2017



Our Super Christmas Sale is On!

December 7, 2016

It’s chestnut roasting and fiddle playing time by the wood stove!

We do one big sale a year and it’s here! All CDs, Instructional DVDs and Greasy Creek t-shirts are a bargain!  All CDs are only $12 (even Erynn’s new Greasy Creek CD) and instructional DVDS are only $15 ($10 off!). We can sign gifts too if you want a personalized gift. T-shirts are marked down to $15 ($5 off) sizes while they last. Plus we don’t charge you more for the long-sleeve shirts even though they cost us more. There are 8 styles to choose from (many colors) and they are ecologically made with a water based process and 100% cotton – super soft! Check out the Store for photos of those stylish shirts, CDs and more. We appreciate you giving the gift of music/ supporting traditional music and artists too. Sale ends Jan 1st.

p.s. Other news! We’re in a new stringband called the Galax Bogtrotters. The band is recording a new CD this December. If you would like to support our campaign and see what special stuff we’re offering please check out https://igg.me/at/galaxbogtrottersCD

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Sincerely, Erynn and Carl

Thanks for supporting traditional music this Christmas!

shirt 1


shirts 2

New Release: Greasy Creek CD by Erynn Marshall & Friends is here!

July 1, 2016


Happy Canada Day / July 4th Independence Day weekend. I can hear fireworks going off as I write this! Gratitude to all the service men and women who work to protect our freedoms. Here’s to world peace!

I’m excited because this week my new Greasy Creek CDs just arrived! The official release date is tomorrow: July 1, 2016. Woot!

Greasy Creek CD Cover

The new album features a selection of original tunes I have written over the last ten years. I play the fiddle and stellar musicians join me: Carl Jones, Bob Carlin, Adam Hurt, Beth Hartness, Eddie Bond, Joe Dejarnette, Phill Woddail, Kyle-Dean Smith and Snake Smith. Jade They from England did the fine woodcut art and Debbie Adams from Canada did the awesome graphic design including the cool liner notes poster (my first centerfold lol!). The CD is available here, Bandcamp, Elderly, CD Baby and soon other great stores that carry old-time music. I hope you’ll pick up a copy because I’m really happy with how the music turned out and would love for you to hear it. The tunes may be new but the settings are very traditional. Everybody did a great job pickin’ on Greasy Creek. So hope you’ll give it a listen and enjoy getting “greasy” with the rest of us. p.s. Greasy Creek is a lovely place near Floyd, Virginia.

Have a great summer everybody and thanks for listening!

Warmly, Erynn

Erynn Marshall - Greasy Creek



Greasy Creek CD Campaign launched!

April 21, 2016

Dear Friends,

At long last I am ready to embark on making my first all-original tunes CD and it will be called Greasy Creek! I’m pretty excited about it! I have been composing fiddle-tunes for over 20 years and have snuck one or two originals on every one of my CDs. These have been well received and folks around the world have even been kind enough to learn to play some of them including: Springfield, Madison County Waltz, Dare Devil Blues, Life’s Fortune and others. I hope this CD will have some of my best fiddle-tunes yet and that you too will enjoy them.

Joining me on this new recording with be the inimitable Carl Jones (my most talented husband on mandolin, guitar and banjo) plus good friends Adam Hurt (banjo), Beth Hartness (guitar), Joe Dejarnette (bass) and other very special guests (tba). We start recording in May and the album is due to be released this summer. I just started a Kickstarter campaign that winds up May 8th. Friends who pledge support get to choose among many rewards and also will receive behind-the-scenes updates on how the CD project unfolds, news of which artists jump on board, photos and more. I really appreciate your support of the Greasy Creek CD and I promise to put my heart, mind and soul into making the record. If you’d like more info or to hear some of the original tunes please check out the Kickstarter campaign and video we made in Wales this week.


Thanks so much!, Erynn

Hello there and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and stay a spell if you can. It’s just a quiet, stormy evening here at Dittyville. In the Blue Ridge Mountains if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes. Sheets of rain are pouring across the roof of our country house…the woodstove is making crackling sounds and pops occasionally. It is calm.

It’s moments like this I realize how fortunate we are. I sincerely wish that some of this peace and calm can be spread to others who need it around the world.

Carl and I have recently returned from our Southern travels to Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Texas. We danced at Texas dance halls, tasted Boudin, taught at the Alabama Folk School – what a wonderful time! In fact, that was the wind-up of ten amazing music camps we taught at this summer and fall. We look forward to these resuming next year and you will find us at Kaufman Kamp, Rocky Mountain Old-Time Fest, Swannanoa, American Banjo Camp, the Alabama Folk School again and others.

Carl and Erynn back bridge 2015 lr Jackson & Moser photography copy

Carl and I are also excited to be traveling to Canada this winter, California in early spring and the United Kingdom (Ireland, Wales and England) for a month starting late March. It will be especially fun to collaborate with Mick Moloney and Athena Tergis on a couple of shows at the Freight & Salvage (Berkley, CA) & Star Theater (SF). We can’t wait! 2016 is shaping up to be another wonderful year of music ahead in many of our favorite places in the world and we hope to see you – our friends along the way.

On the recording front we are both dreaming of making new albums… Erynn a recording of all original tunes, Carl is still up in the air on what he would like to tackle next but it will surely be good. Any instrument in his hands still turns to gold.

Hard to believe it will soon be Christmas and all the outdoor festivals just a memory. Warm hearths, good company and cozy, indoor, music sessions will be the new norm. In your home, we hope you will find time to enjoy music, be around family and reflect on how much beauty is around us everyday in the world. We are certainly grateful of so much – especially visitor’s like you. Thanks for your interest in what we do and for supporting our music! It allows us to keep traveling the world to share it. Happy Holidays everyone.

Best Wishes, Erynn and Carl

November 19, 2015








Hi folks,

Thanks for stopping by Dittyville!

The summer is winding up and we’ve had just enough time to catch our breath to write a few lines. Besides October, this is our favorite time of year. The days are still warm and the last of the lightning bugs are on a wing, as are the bats, in the chillier evenings. Two nights ago we laid under the stars to watch the meteor shower. The sky and stars are so clear here in the country. We love living in southwest Virginia.  It’s also been beautiful in many of the places we have traveled lately.

We taught at a record ten camps this season! Well eight have taken place (Swannanoa, Gainsborough, Augusta, Mando Camp North, Kaufman Kamp, Bluff Country Gathering, Blue Ridge Old-Time Week and Cowan Creek Mountain Music School) and two camps are yet to come (American Banjo Camp and Alabama Folk School). Whoo – can’t wait! All the festivals and camps have  been so inspiring. We love sharing music with all the people we meet at them. It’s our tribe!

Looking ahead Carl and I will be performing lots of concerts like usual. We will be in Pennsylvania, Washington, Alabama, British Columbia, Michigan in the next few months and are planning a UK tour in the spring. We’ll keep posting up-to-date news and concert dates on this site. We appreciate your interest in our music. Please come out and see us when we’re in your neck of the woods.

Our new CD Sweet Memories Never Leave has received a half dozen reviews in the Old-Time Herald, Fiddler Magazine, County Sales, Carolina Mountain Life and other publications – so far all good! We are thankful for that and there are several posted on this site. Erynn played Piney Woods (recorded on Sweet Memories) and won 3rd place at the prestigious Clifftop this year. Plus our stringband Old Drake (with Peter Fleming, Brad Kolodner and Lloyd Wright) won 2nd place in the traditional stringband finals – not too shabby for a pickup band! Other contest fun: Carl won Best All Around Performer (1st Mando, 1st Fiddle duet) at the Surry County Fiddlers Convention and Erynn won Best All Around Performer (1st fiddle, 1st fiddle-banjo duet, 2nd stringband) at the Tazewell Fiddlers Convention. Also of note: Carl was one of 490+ mandolin players at the Galax Old Fiddlers Convention who have unofficially broken the world record for the most mandolin players to play at once. The massive bunch was filmed playing 4 tunes and once the committee at the Guiness Book of World Records check everything out the result should be confirmed. The shattered the previous record of 413. Mando power!


So in short we are having a blast this summer and we sincerely hope you are too. Please stop by often as this site is new and we’re adding new stuff all the time. Transcriptions and song-writing tips are coming.  Also, as of last week, Meet Me in the Music (Erynn’s CD with Chris Coole) is back in print for the first time in five years. If you like those lonesome, spooky Kentucky tunes you might like to grab a copy from the Dittyville store while they last.

Hope to see you at a music event down the road!

Warmly, Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones